Who We Are

Elaine-De-Santos-HeadshotHi, I’m Elaine De Santos, founder and creator of Healthy Family Meal Plans. But really friends, I’m just a mom trying to feed my family healthier every day.

And, I am a transformational nutrition coach, so I even know what’s healthy and what I should be feeding my family, but still, it can be hard to fit it into your busy lifestyle. And so that’s why I created Healthy Family Meal Plans.

The best online meal planning service that is done for you with Paleo and seasonal meal plans delivered fresh into your dashboard, where you can access these recipes, brand new recipes that are chef created every single week.

You see, I started with Paleo meal planning and Paleo recipes because that was what was easiest for us and our family to get from a standard American diet with process-filled foods, over to a healthier way of eating.

Paleo is a way that our ancestors ate in the Paleolithic era, where people were hunting and gathering for their food. So, there weren’t any processed foods there, there weren’t any artificial chemicals, preservatives, dyes. So, it was just what they were able to hunt and gather, is what they ate. And so that’s the freshest food that you and your family could be eating. That’s the food that’s really gonna help you get healthier fast.

And so that’s what’s inside our healthy family meal plans. Plus, we took it to another level. Because today there’s so many of our little ones that are allergic to peanuts and corn, so that’s also not included in our healthy family Paleo meal plans. But you’ll see all kinds of other real foods and in abundance, so that you can really enjoy them in very simple ways.

With simple recipes that you can make most of them in 30 minutes or less. So enjoy Healthy Family Meal Plans and try it for free, right here.

Why Us

Before we started paying attention to food, to the greens in our foods this is how our family was feeling.

“I couldn’t breathe.”

– Lucas

“My skin itched so bad, it felt like it was on fire.”

– Ella

“I had such bad ocular migraines that I would lose my vision at random times, and would literally be forced to to stop anything I was doing to wait it out.”

– Michael

“My body hurt so bad, that I physically could not get out of bed to help my crying baby out of the crib.”

– Elaine

But then we found “Food As Medicine” and we started incorporating healthy, convenient foods into our busy lifestyle.

What we realized, is that once we got healthier it was no longer okay for us to just keep that information within the walls of our home. We knew that it was time to share our story and help families get healthier fast!

And so that’s why we founded and created both FamilyForHealth.com, where we help families get healthier fast and HealthyFamilyMealPlans.com which is the best online healthy online meal planning system that provides a really easy way for families to eat healthy just one meal at a time, be better together and stay happy for life.

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