I think this is the best menu website I have come across so far, love it and all the different things I can do on it!! Thanks!! Abby Mosher

Abby Mosher


“My son said, ‘I like this Paleo stuff’! And I’ve tried Paleo recipes before but yours are easy to make. All the recipes I’ve made have been winners.”


Dayton, OH

“Thank you Elaine & Michael! I have so many friends with families that are in dire need of revamping their health and diet and this is going to be such an awesome resource for them! I love all the recipes that I’ve looked as so far, and love even more that they are EASY recipes (I’m a lazy cook).”

Marilyn Caylor

London, UK

“Super impressed! Can hardly wait to begin my transformation. On the way to the stores this afternoon! You did a great job conveying your knowledge, passion and love for your project!”

Bruce Lawrence

Orange County, CA

When the e-mail for the beta testing came, I was at a point in my life when I wanted to try something new. I will turn 40 next year and want to be in my best health. I initially balked at the idea of Paleo. To me Paleo meant expensive and weird ingredients. To my great surprise, I am able to easily get all of the ingredients and have loved the food I’ve made so far. I’ve even pushed myself to try foods that aren’t my favorite (mushrooms). My body feels like it’s functioning at a higher level. I don’t feel brain fog or struggle for words. Overall I feel an improvement in my health. Thank you for sharing this awesome tool,

Teresa Ibettson

Orange County, CA

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